General Dentistry


The rehabilitation of existing teeth is of prime importance to your overall oral health.

Why is General Dentistry Important?

Losing a tooth completely can mean loss of function, further loss of gum tissue and bone, and of course, compromised aesthetics. It can also result in needing further, more complicated surgery. Cosmetic dentistry is not just about complex, expensive dental treatment as it begins by simply having a clean, fresh and healthy smile. Good general dental care will help you achieve and maintain great oral health.

Dr Peter Poulos offers many treatments and services to ensure that your teeth are always in a healthy (and beautiful!) condition. These services include:

  • Detailed dental examinations
  • Tooth coloured fillings
  • Scaling of teeth
  • Professional teeth cleaning
  • Use of an intraoral camera for detailed analysis
  • Qualified dental nurse in our practice
  • Specialist referrals
  • Professional and individual advice, tailored to suit your exact needs