Encouraging your child to participate in sports can be a great way to ensure they get plenty of exercise in a way that is fun and enjoyable. However, every year we see many dental injuries as a result of sporting accidents. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of a dental injury, wearing a custom-made sports mouthguard will provide your child with maximum protection.

Should My Child Wear a Mouthguard?

If your child plays contact sports then they definitely should wear a well-fitting mouthguard, but it’s important to realise that many noncontact sports also carry the risk of dental injury. For example, horse-riding, gymnastics and skateboarding could result in an accidental blow to the mouth. This may result in a tooth becoming chipped or cracked, or even knocked out completely. The lifelong costs of dealing with these types of injuries can soon mount up and we would far rather take action to protect your child’s teeth.

Why Choose a Custom-Made Mouthguard?

Dr Poulos can custom-make a mouthguard for your child that will fit comfortably over their teeth. Our hard wearing mouthguards are thickened to provide extra protection in critical areas and they are neutral tasting and odour free. They come in lots of different colours so your child can customise their mouthguard, making it more appealing to wear. See our Gallery for different mouthguard designs.

Dr Poulos is very experienced in providing mouthguards and sponsors a number of high-profile professional athletes.