Sleep Dentistry & Sedation


Here at Sydney Cosmetic Dentist we want to ensure our patients receive the treatment they need in a way that is comfortable and relaxed. This is where sleep dentistry can be enormously helpful.

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

By using advanced intravenous sedation, we can ensure you feel deeply relaxed during your treatment and that afterwards you will remember little, if anything about your appointment. During sleep dentistry you will be continually monitored and Dr Poulos does assess any patient requiring this service extremely carefully, as your safety is always our main priority.

When you visit us here at Sydney Cosmetic Dentist, we want to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed and that all treatment is pain-free. We know many people experience anxiety when visiting a dentist and this is why we offer sedation dentistry.

How Can Sedation Dentistry Help Me?

Sedation dentistry can promote a sense of deep relaxation, overcoming fears and anxieties so you can receive dental treatment in complete comfort.  One form of sedation dentistry is to use sleep or intravenous sedation, but this might be more than you need. Another frequently used form of sedation is nitrous oxide or happy gas.

How Could Happy Gas Help Me?

Happy gas is inhaled through a small mask that will fit comfortably over your nose. It takes effect within a few seconds, promoting a sense of deep relaxation, although you will still be fully aware of your surroundings. The nice thing about happy gas is that afterwards you can drive yourself home, as the gas is soon eliminated from your body. This is the only sedative where you can do this.

Whether you opt for sleep dentistry or happy gas, Dr Poulos will make sure you are carefully monitored at all times during your treatment, as your safety is always our main concern.