Smile Makeover


A smile makeover is a procedure that may involve more than one cosmetic dental treatment in order to improve the overall appearance of your teeth.

A Custom-Designed Smile Just for You

By using a carefully selected combination of treatments, Dr Poulos can custom-design a beautiful and healthy smile, restoring or replacing your teeth so they are fully functional. What’s even better about a smile makeover is that sometimes these treatments can help improve your dental health. Our beautiful tooth coloured fillings, our inlays and onlays, and veneers will help preserve your natural teeth. Dr Poulos can create the most gorgeous porcelain crowns to protect more badly damaged teeth, providing you with the most beautiful smile, exceeding your expectations.

Why Should I Consider Using Multiple Treatments?

Using a combination of treatments can often be a more conservative way of improving your smile, providing long-lasting results in a way that is cost-effective. For example, porcelain veneers are a highly popular way to improve a smile, but it may not be necessary to veneer all your front teeth. Instead, using a combination of veneers and tooth whitening can help provide the results you desire in a more conservative manner. Once your smile makeover is completed, cosmetic injectables can provide that finishing touch.