Your First Visit


Your First Visit

Dr Peter Poulos is committed to lifestyle dentistry and your introduction to this philosophy begins with your first visit.

Dr Peter Poulos provides services in a number of areas of dentistry including cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry

Implant Dentistry

Endodontics (Root Canal)

Neuro-Muscular Dentistry

General Dentistry

Emergency Treatment

Why Do You Need to Know My Medical History?

There are some basic requirements in regard to suitability for any form of dental treatment. At your first visit we will need you to fill in a medical history form. It is essential that we know about any medical problems or medications taken as these could affect your dental treatment. We always want to make sure you get the most appropriate and safest dental care.

What Will Happen During My First Visit?

Your very first visit will involve an initial comprehensive oral examination during which we will take photos, a combination of x-rays, including an OPG and CT scan. The diagnostic tests recommended will depend on your individual needs and will provide a clear overview of your current dental health. Dr Peter Poulos will assess your teeth and desired outcome before commencing with any of our dental services. Dr Poulos may also take impressions to prepare models of your existing condition for a more complete and complex consideration of treatment options. He will also ensure that the surrounding teeth are rehabilitated and any existing gum disease or other dental problems are treated. With any type of dentistry, important factors for long term success are excellent oral hygiene and regular check-ups with Dr Peter Poulos.

For more information on our dental services, simply make an appointment to see Dr Peter Poulos.